Update on Launch of the New Vendor Portal

Dear Vendors

Thank you again for your patience as we prepare the new portal for you. We are pleased to announce that Wave 1 vendors will get their portal access later this week, your log in credentials and link to the portal will be e-mailed to you directly. We are now rolling out access in 3 waves and they have been defined as follows:

  • Wave 1 - Priority vendors who were selected by our eCommerce Category Managers
  • Wave 2 - Based on volume of skus
  • Wave 3 - Also based on volume of skus

Wave 2 & 3 access dates will be announced early next week and we anticipate it will not be any longer than 2 weeks from now, as soon as we have a firm date it will communicated to you.

**If you have urgent items to get to the website and were not part of wave 1, please contact your eCommerce Category manager**

Once again we encourage you to view the training - please note that you will need to put aside 45 mins to and hour to complete this.

For any questions or support needed with the portal please contact vip.accounts@wal-mart.com.

Online training for the new portal is now available!

Please click on the link below to access it:

Online Training